Insulation thickness: 40 mm
Pipe outer Ø D: 70 mm
Sales unit: 1 Pieces
Weight/item: 0.001 kg

Field of application

  • Ideal for cooling systems in areas with special fire protection requirements
  • Thermally decoupled fixing of pipelines in buildings
  • Ideally suited for fixing pipelines that carry higher temperature media in air conditioning and heating systems, and for cooling systems and hot or cold water pipes


  • Reliable prevention of temperature bridges between the building and hot or cold pipelines
  • No damage is caused by aggressive media and atmosphere to the foam-glass insulation
  • Dimensionally stable under a variety of temperature and humidity conditions - no changes to shape or surface are caused by the influence of climate or weather
  • Outstanding compressive strength
  • Non-combustible, does not soak up flammable liquids (materials class A1 in accordance with DIN 4102 Part 1 / Euro class A in accordance with EN 13501-1) - does not spread fire
  • Impermeable to water and water vapour - no soaking through of insulation material with condensed water, i.e. does not promote corrosion
  • Foam-glass shell and pipe clamp fitted perfectly to DÄMMGULAST® blue lining
  • For an optimal load transfer, the half-shells are glued to the load-distribution sleeves over their entire surface
  • DÄMMGULAST® Vibration control lining with blue indicator stripe, fire class B1 in accordance with DIN 4102, non-dripping in a fire
  • Structure-borne noise damping due DÄMMGULAST® vibration control lining with blue identification stripe: Average sound level improvement up to 16.5 dB(A)
Thermal conductivity:
λ = 0.041 W/mK at +10 °C
Insulation thickness:
40 mm
Water vapour diffusion resistance:
Heat capacity:
0.84 kJ/kgK
Pipe outer Ø D:
70 mm
Coefficient of thermal expansion:
8.5 x 10-6 K-1
Compression strength:
0.70 N/mm²
Temperature range:
-260 °C to +430 °C
Vibration control lining:
Customs tariff number:
Fire classification:
Material class A1/Euro class A acc. to DIN 4102 Part 1
Max. recommended fastening distance:
3.5 m
with single bossed clamp
Product type:
Refrigerant pipe clamps
Average vibration reduction:
16.5 dB(A)
Shell length [mm]:
150 mm
Basic data text:
Insulation clamp DÄMMGULAST® blue, M10, 70,0 mm, foamglass PU 40/150 mm, grade T4, galvanised, with load-distributing sleeve
Bulk density:
120 kg/m³