Tools App

With the Tools app, you can calculate the load-bearing capacity of system support channels, check the load for threaded pipes and much more – quickly and conveniently on the go. The app ensures you have all the key analysis programmes at your fingertips at all times, allowing you to carry out or check your plans directly on your site.

You can run the following calculations free of charge using the app:

  • Longitudinal extension/dilatation
  • Load for threaded rods
  • Load for threaded pipes
  • Load for PHONOLYT® kits
  • Expansion of swivel hangers
  • Anchor plug forces of wall hanger brackets
  • Load-bearing capacity of system support channels
  • Conversion of technical units

Catalogue App

With the MÜPRO Catalogue app, you always have the catalogues and product information you need at hand. Download the publications you want from our online library and browse through all the MÜPRO offers.

Benefits and functions: 

  • Online portal with all MÜPRO publications
  • Browse through selected catalogues
  • Full-text search
  • Site overview
  • Convenient setting of individual bookmarks 

Questions about our apps?