Vibration controlled pipe clamps

The pre-mounted, slip-proofed DÄMMGULAST® lining guarantees safe installation. MÜPRO pipe clamps can be easily assigned to the appropriate application according to the coloured identification stripes:

  • Yellow identification stripe: average noise level improvement of up to 22 dB(A), saltwater-resistant design to meet maritime requirements

  • Red lining: average noise level improvement of up to 24 dB(A), temperature range for use: -60°C to +200°C (steam pipes, hot water pipes, etc.)

  • Black lining: average noise level improvement of up to 20 dB(A)NBR oil-resistant and saltwater-resistant

Your advantages

Optimum rolling characteristics if pipe expands thanks to the roller profile in the lining
Prevents high pushing forces building up on the mount thanks to good rolling characteristics
Prevents friction and creaking noises when the length of pipes changes due to temperature changes
Wide clip-over edges prevent the lining from slipping out of the clamp
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