Product systems

High-quality products for shipbuilding

MÜPRO fixing solutions are tailored precisely to the specific requirements and assembly conditions in the shipbuilding industry. We offer 50 years of experience in pipe installation and vibration control as well as system solutions which are "Engineered in Germany".

As a complete provider, MÜPRO offers a modular rail system which enables pipe clamps specially adapted to the marine environment to be flexibly combined with a range of accessories. The various profile sizes of the system rails enable load-specific mounting of pipelines, ventilation shafts and support structures.

Our products ensure high quality and have the relevant approvals for the shipbuilding and marine industries. We are also tested and certified by the internationally renowned classification society DNV.

Your advantages

  • Selection of corrosion-resistant materials and surfaces for use in harsh atmospheres, such as seawater
  • Reduced vibrations (noise protection) to prevent noise pollution
  • Shock and vibration-tested by the Bundeswehr Technical Center for Ships and Naval Weapons, Maritime Technology and Research (WTD 71) according to BV 0430
  • Meets the requirements for ships used in specialised areas, such as in the military sector
  • Optimal adaptation to ship structure: safe and secure mounting of pipelines and other components in areas with high packing density of systems