About MÜPRO Maritim

We deliver solutions

MÜPRO Maritim, with its headquarters in Hamburg, one of Europe's largest sea ports, is an international manufacturing and trading company for support systems for solving almost all fastening tasks in shipbuilding.

We are trend-setting and a leading solution provider and premium supplier in the areas of:

  • fixing technology
  • and vibration control.

With high-quality products and services, we enable you to optimally master the complex challenges in the areas of fastening technology and vibration control, thereby ensuring your long-term success.

Our products are ‘Engineered in Germany’ and are used all over the world today. Our system solutions offer high quality and cost efficiency. In addition to our products tailored to the needs of the shipbuilding industry, we offer a range of variable products, which you can order in modified versions to meet your requirements.

Highly qualified employees are available for application-related advice and elaboration – the best conditions for you to benefit from our know-how and receive a high quality service.

For mounting tasks in the building sector MÜPRO supports provides a comprehensive product range and over 40 years of experience. For more information please visit MÜPRO Homepage.