For data communication and provision

Digital interfaces make your purchase processes quicker, easier and more efficient. Costs and use of resources are minimised.

Do you want: 
  • to integrate your MÜPRO terms into your ERP system? 
  • place an order in our online shop and process the order directly in your system? 
  • transfer orders from your system to MÜPRO? 
  • to integrate the MÜPRO catalogue into your system?

Our experts will show you the possibilities of digital data communication with no commitment, taking your infrastructure and system landscape into account. Get in touch with us now.


Data provision via

  • OCI

Data communication via

  • EDI
  • UGL


With the aid of DATANORM, data such as article catalogues can be imported into a calculation programme and stored in the master data. We would be happy to provide you with the article and master data for our products with your personal conditions in DATANORM format.


With electronic data interchange (EDI), orders and invoices, as well as order confirmations and delivery notes, can be exchanged quickly and conveniently between your ERP system and MÜPRO.


The Open Catalog Interface (OCI) enables direct access to the product catalogue provided in our MÜPRO online shop. This enables you to integrate your MÜPRO basket into your ordering system.


Using a UGL interface, you can exchange orders, order confirmations and invoices in UGL format.

Do you need more information about EDI and other things?