Returns Policy

  • The following information is required in advance for processing returns:
    • material and quantity
    • packaging (carton, Euro pallet, one-way pallet, bundle)
    • weight and dimensions of each package.
  • The return slip can be requested from the e-mail address and enclosed with the shipment. This must be clearly visible on the packaging.
  • The customer must ensure that the goods are packaged ready for dispatch and have not been stored outdoors.
    • The maximum weight of cardboard boxes must not exceed 20 kg.
    • Rails / bundles are to be placed on squared timber (height: 10 cm) and strapped so that they can be transported and loaded with a forklift.
    • Pallets are to be strapped or wrapped in foil.

    • Items can only be returned in full packaging units and in a clean, undamaged and unused condition. Items that are not in the catalog or have a best-before date cannot be exchanged or returned. 
    • It is possible for MÜPRO to collect the goods to be returned. However, the transfer of risk for the return transport is transferred to the customer. MÜPRO is not liable for any damage caused by transport. Requirements for collection (e.g. time window, truck with lifting platform, etc.) must be communicated to MÜPRO when the order is placed. The loading of the vehicle is to be ensured by the customer.
    • The return costs are 20% of the value of the goods. The prices for the return transport by MÜPRO are as follows:
      • 10 euros per package
      • 65 euros per pallet
      • 120 euros for long goods (up to 6.64 meters and 100 kg in weight)
      • different return transport: on request.
    • If defects are found during the quality check that do not allow re-storage, MÜPRO will contact the customer for further coordination. 

    Status: 07/2020