Pipe tunnel on a river cruise ship

Sliding fastening solution for pipe tunnels


  • A large number of pipes carrying hot water, cold water, ballast water and fuel run in pipe tunnel that is approx. 110 m long, 2 m wide and 0.6 m tall.

  • Some of these pipe systems are subject to changes in length due to thermal changes.

  • Pipe systems needed to have floating mounting. Suitable anchor points needed to be designed.

  • Space-saving fixings were needed due to the space constraints.


  • The MPR-Support channel combined with pipe clamps, slide guides or anchor points created a stable support structure.

  • A pipe clamp with connecting nut welded with a 45° offset was used for these projects due to the space constraints.

  • We provided support for the construction with assembly diagrams, weld/support channel layout plans and bills of materials.
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